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Maintain compliance by verifying your users every step or tier of the way.

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Integrate document, facial recognition, email, and other types of verification services in your products.

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Frequently asked questions

KYSync is a single shot KYC, KYB and fraud prevention solution by It allows you to verify identities in one single api call, instantly.

KySync has the ability to be customized according to your requirements. We have the ability to do KYC & KYB for your entities. You can also choose in the settings tab about what features you want to turn on or off. KySync supports email, phone, document, liveness detection and complete verification of a particular entity. For KYB, we also to verification of business addresses as well as partners. The unique URL is sent to your entity and the response is recorded in the backoffice. Your entities can do Kysync while you sleep at their own convenience. You can also send multiple kysync requests to update your data. You can go ahead and manually verify an entity as well. The options are endless. We also have customized pricing according to your business use case.

It is up to you. Completely flexible, you can request a new kysync the next day if you are not satisfied. The Kysync is at the discretion of the user. However, the data of your entities are updated on a realtime basis where we cross verify them through accurate data sources APIs of our partner.

Yes, we do have a sandbox that you can experiment with. Please go ahead to and create your app and we will give you sandbox access to test out the backoffice and kysync. You can also view our demo videos.

KYsync stores all collected PII with banking grade AES-256 bit encryption and stores that encrypted data in PCI compliant servers.

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